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I think words are powerful. Ideas, strategies, and stories, when they are shared, can go a long way. In this blog, I like sharing what currently picks my interest. Hopefully, you will find them helpful as well!

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The Pallas project

In this section, I share some food for thought on the 2 topics that systematically catch my attention: entrepreneurship and feminism. 

Morgane Sézalory, founder of Sézane

Parisians swear by it. Sézane creates enthusiasm. This Parisian / bohemian-style feminine ready-to-wear brand is experiencing strong growth and is constantly opening new apartment shorooms and new concepts in the most posh cities. And behind Sézane, is Morgane...

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What I learnt when I turned 32

Last Saturday, I turned 32.  Granted, this number doesn’t seem as exciting as 30 or 40 or 50. But, I really liked the sound of it. Pin it, share it ! 32, A lovely number At 32, you are definitely into the third decade.  Some people don’t like ageing. I...

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