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Afraid to talk about your Fashion brand project? You should not!

Are you afraid to talk about your fashion brand? Well, you shouldn’t be. In this article, we demystify the 6 most common reasons why you might be scared to talk about your fashion brand project.

First, you’ll see, there is no reason why you should be scared. Secondly, it might be counterproductive not to talk about it.


  1. I am afraid my idea will be stolen from me
  2. What if I’m being copied?
  3. I am not ready or I don’t feel ready enough
  4. People will find me stupid or ridiculous
  5. I am scared no one will like what I offer
  6. Imposter syndrome
6 solid reasons why you should talk about your fashion project
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1 – I am afraid my idea will be stolen from me

If you have this idea, chances are others have had it too. And in this case, it is rather a good sign because it reveals that there is a need for your product.

In addition to that, if you have competitors, it means that the market is already or being educated.

Moreover, if you design boho dresses, having competitors who already make bohemian dresses can create a fashion snowball effect. Women will see more and more people wearing boho styled dresses. This will create desire and these women will want to wear them too.

They will then search the internet and they may come across your fashion brand project.

Conversely, if no one has realized this idea, perhaps it is because technically there is a problem which prevents its realization. And even then, it’s good to know that before you start because you can better prepare yourself.

Finally, an idea is worth nothing without execution. It’s execution that changes everything and brings your idea to life. Even if someone takes your idea from you, if you do it better than it does, you will always come out a winner.

2 – What if I’m being copied

Fashion is a world of copies. In a way, this is how fashion and trends are created. Fashion dupes, does that mean anything to you?

After the Fashionweeks’ catwalks, all the ready-to-wear brands sell haute-couture inspired looks that they saw on the runway. Oddly, most creators also draw inspiration from what has been done in the past to create or break the codes.

In addition to this, you can protect your fashion creations very well. There are laws that can protect you from counterfeits and copy.

Nothing beats the original.

Finally, nothing beats the original. There are many copies of Louis Vuitton bags. Yet good customers will always want the authentic model that comes from the original brand.

3 – I am not ready or I don’t feel ready enough

You never will be. It’s like trying to learn to swim while still being on the sand. It is only by immersing yourself in the water that you will be able to truly swim. Getting into fashion is the same thing.

It is by doing the things that you learn. You can watch all the designer shows you want, but you won’t become one just by watching them. (Or else, I’d already be a wonderful dancer!) It is by touching the materials, creating prototypes, making mistakes and developing your experience that you become one.

“Practice makes perfect.” And it’s even truer in fashion.

4 – I am afraid people will find me stupid or ridiculous

There is no reason to feel stupid to try to innovate and come up with something new.

You might indeed have some reactions of this type around you. However, before you take them to heart: ask yourself if these people have accomplished anything in their life that made what they say worth considering. Are they even working in the same field? Have they ever experienced this?

Only then and under these conditions can you give them some considerations. If that’s the case, take their advice, think about how to improve what you offer and keep going.

Then, remember that the innovators and creators of this world are always misunderstood, enlightened and marginalized to begin with. Steve Jobs, Chanel or Jean-Paul Gauthier are there to demonstrate it.

5 – I am scared no one will like what I offer

No product or service has ever been unanimous. There will always be people who don’t like your style or your vision. It takes all sorts to make a world. And that’s a good thing because otherwise we would all look and think similarly. Quite sad, wouldn’t you think?

You can't please everyone. Targeting everyone means targeting no one.

Because what makes this world and the fashion world so charming is the diversity and uniqueness of each individual.

And if your target customer doesn’t like what you are offering, it may instead be an opportunity to improve things and make your garment or service even better.

6 – I don’t feel legitimate : I have imposter syndrome

Legitimacy cannot be given, it is taken. If you don’t feel legitimate, no one will be able to change that for you. Even if you are complimented by those around you or your customers, you will find reasons not to feel legitimate. You just have to work on it.

If you have an idea, you are most likely the best person to bring it to life. No one else has the vision you have in mind. We can complement it, give it details, but only you will be able to draw its full potential because no one else is in your head.

And if you don’t feel legitimate or feel like you don’t have the required skills, you can either educate yourself or hire somebody who has the skills you need.

6 wrong reasons why you are afraid to talk about your fashion project

It’s totally alright to be scared. Starting a fashion brand project is a hard task. But try to imagine what would happen if you can overcome your fears. It would feel awesome, right?

So, quickly read about the 7 good reasons to talk about your project as soon as possible. And take a leap of faith!

Written by sandychan974

My name is Sandrine Chan im, but you can call me Sandy. I am a French girl from Reunion island with multiple interests. As you can guess, I am not a native English speaker, so be easy on me! 😉

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