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What I learnt when I turned 32

Last Saturday, I turned 32. 

Granted, this number doesn’t seem as exciting as 30 or 40 or 50. But, I really liked the sound of it.

why being 32 is freaking awesome.
My key learnings.

Sandy Chan 
Fashion designer
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32, A lovely number

At 32, you are definitely into the third decade. 

Some people don’t like ageing. I actually love that. 

First, I feel it’s a privilege because not everyone gets to grow older. A few weeks ago, I met a 24 year old girl with throat cancer. She should be okay after her surgery and she was an incredibly smiling and optimistic person. Yet, it feels unfair right ?

There are some people who don’t get the chance to get older. Accidents happen. And there are some that lives but with terrible health diseases or life difficulties. Instead of thinking that every year I take I’ll be closer to death or get more wrinkles, I prefer thinking about how lucky I am and cherish the moment.

Secondly, every year, you take one extra year of knowledge and experience. You change, you learn and you grow. Every year, you get a little bit wiser and it makes you look at your past life from a different perspective. It feels so refreshing and I enjoy feeling that I’m turning into a better version of myself.

My Key learning when I turned 32

2020 was definitely a weird year and I wanted to turn the cards and start my 32nd year with positive vibes.

For my past birthdays, I didn’t do anything. I just grabbed a nice cake with a good wine and spent the evening with my boyfriend, and that was it. I made myself believe that I didn’t need anything more.

But maybe, I was secretly, deep inside of me, expecting the world, friends or family to do something to make the day special for me ?

Truth is : If you want something, do it yourself and make it happen.

If you want something, do it yourself and make it happen.
Sandy Chan, fashion designer

Inspirational quote

A few weeks before my birthday, I realized something. It’s up to ME to make myself happy. If I want this day to be special, I can make it special. I don’t need to wait for anybody to do something for me.

So I took my phone and just set up a bunch invitations to friends. I didn’t have anything in mind (no place, no plan which is the opposite of what I usually do), but I knew that I wanted to be surrounded by awesome friends for my birthday.

It didn’t require a lot of organization. It wasn’t big or fancy but small and simple. People didn’t care. They came for me, and I was happy.

Be happy

Your happiness really lies in your hands. And, it is sometimes easier than one might think.

Your happiness lies in your hands. 
Sandy Chan, Fashion designer

Motivational quote about happiness

And I feel it’s the same for everything in life. If your passion is Fashion and you want to work in it for instance, it’s up to you to get into it. Will it require a lot of work ? Yes, of course.

But starting is something you can do even if you are working in a different field or if you are still a student. You can start by watching documentaries about fashion or you can start by sketching clothes.

Just don’t wait for anybody to do that you.

YOU are the one who decide how you want your life to be. Just like how I decided to spend my birthday surrounded with great friends. Decide to be happy. And it can start now.

Written by sandychan974

My name is Sandrine Chan im, but you can call me Sandy. I am a French girl from Reunion island with multiple interests. As you can guess, I am not a native English speaker, so be easy on me! 😉

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