You may not know it, but I started my career in Marketing. I’ve been doing all forms of marketing ever since . And contrary to what one might think : Marketing is not easy. It requires different skillsets and know how. As I got into the fashion industry, I realized that Fashion Marketing is also a discipline of its own.

If you are a fashion entrepreneur, a fashion creator, a personal stylist or if you studied fashion design, it’s totally normal to feel lost. (I felt lost when learning fashion design). You can’t know everything.

As a matter of fact, the number of the marketing channels you can use to communicate about your fashion brand keep increasing. Besides, everything needs to be done faster and must be more and more original. As for social media or Search engine optimization, algorithms change all the time. See how easy it is to feel lost?

That’s why I’m putting together this series of articles. In these articles, you will get actionnable Fashion Marketing tips and strategies that you can use and apply to grow your audience and your business.


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